Chantal wins WPMF World Muay Thai Title @ King's Cup Bangkok, Thailand; TMT goes 1-2

Added: Saturday, December 6th, 2008

It is the most prestigious International Muay Thai event in the Kingdom of Thailand each year held in a three-day celebration of the King of Thailand’s birthday. It is called the King’s Cup in the King’s honor. Tiger Muay Thai was proud to be chosen to have 3 fighters represent our Muay Thai camp in Phuket, Thailand for the event involving nearly 20 different countries.

In the biggest fight, Tiger Muay Thai fighter and Patong Champion, Chantal won the WPMF World Muay Thai championship in an absolutely fantastic fight with highly ranked contender Karlee from Australia. In a back and forth battle, it was Chantal’s desire, heart, conditioning, and technique, and listening to her corner that awarded her the points win for the world championship. In the 5th and most important round it was Chantal that wanted the win more as she executed high point shots with step back knees and dominant clich work showing she was ready to go 10 rounds if needed. After the fight, one of the most respected Muay Thai judges in Thailand gave Chantal the “Thumb’s up” and said she was strong fighter. Congratulations also to Karlee who fought a great fight.

In the under-card fights, which kept being pushed back, first for TV and the massive amount of organization it took to coordinate the event, Cyrus lost in the 4th round drained of oxygen from going 200% in first 3 rounds. Cyrus is known for his spectacular KO’s on You Tube for Tiger Muay Thai, and it looked to be another similar evening as Cyrus used a jumping elbow that opened a huge cut on top of his opponents head. In most other fights it might have been stopped. Cyrus also caught him with a spinning heel kick to the midsection that almost ended the fight  but the young Australian, Bret, fought on and showed a lot of heart and determination, and excellent conditioning stopping Cyrus in 4th as Cyrus went down drained of energy.

Veronica’s opponent was changed at again, as she fought a strong young fighter (name unknown) from a local Thai gym in a fight that was limited to 4, two-minute rounds. Veronica has incredible conditioning and fought an excellent fight against the Thai who jumped in and out with kicks. Veronica looked good in clinch and scored well but not enough to beat the hometown favorite.

Thanks to all the fighters from all the countries that participated in such a great event in honor of HRM The King of Thailand. Special Thanks to Chantal, Cyrus, Veronica for participating and representing Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand, and Kru Phet for his organizing and preparing for the event, and Ajarn Kay and and Ajarn Dang for their corner-work.

It was a exciting, if long, evening of fights as TMT went 1-2 in fights at Thailand's premiere International Muay Thai event as Chantal won the WPMF World Muay Thai Championship beating Karlee from Australia in one of the nights best fights.