Tiger Muay Thai Guests Training – December 2009 – High Season Begins – Phuket,Thailand

Added: Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Tiger Muay Thai kicks of high-season in Phuket,Thailand with over two hundred guests training in our diverse combative and fitness programs. These include beginner,intermediate and advanced Muay Thai/Thai Boxing programs, Krabi Krabong ( traditional Thai weapon based art ), Western Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, BodyCombat ( a cross-fit style fitness class) and of course training with our Strength and Conditioning expert and former Mr.Thailand, Peter “The Thai Hulk”.

This high-season promises to be an exciting one full of a star-studded cast of your favorite MMA fighters including Roger Huerta, Alberto Crane and Elvis Sinosic as well as extreme martial arts team , “Team 2Extreme”.

Tiger Muay Thai continues to push the boundaries and offer our guests the best and most diverse training in the Kingdom Of Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai kicks of Phuket's high season with 200+ students training hard in our diverse combative and fitness programs including Muay Thai and MMA among others.