Tiger scores 2 wins at Bangla Stadium; Randy retires with title

Added: Monday, December 1st, 2008

Pure Inspiration. Randy Hale showed everyone what it means to set a goal and achieve it with a rematch win over Mamai to win the over 40-year-old title at Bangla Stadium on November 28, 2008. After losing their first fight and disappointed, Randy picked himself up and jumped back in the ring with Kru Robert detremined to get just a little better; and he did just that. Winning all 5-round, Randy secured his goal and captured the Bangla belt with a 5-round points win over the feisty veteran Muay Thai fighter Mamai.

In the second fight of the evening for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Dawtrang scored a quick first round KO using his speed and superior skill level to KO Okee from Krabi.

For Muay Thai fight Video of Randy and Dawtrang see www.TigerMuayThai.Tv

Tiger Muay Thai fighters Randy Hale and Dawtrang went 2-0 at Bangla Stadium on November 28, 2008. Randy finishes his Muay Thai career beating Mamai for the over 40-years-old title at Bangla in a great rematch and Dawtrang demonstrates his speed and skill with a 1st round KO over Okee from Krabi.