TMT Training Gallery – Phuket,Thailand – January 2010

Added: Friday, January 8th, 2010

Tiger Muay Thai starts of a great 2010 with UFC veteran Dave Menne and Elvis Sinosic training at the camp as well as the addition
of Kru Yod to the camp as the head striking coach for our MMA program. Also in attendance at camp we have boxing coach Paul
Merchant who will be coaching in our Western Boxing class as well as giving three seperate boxing related seminars throughout his stay.

Below are photos of our January guests working on conditioning, technique and some even preparing for fights in our Muay Thai and MMA
programs as well as enjoying traditional Thai stick-fighting in our Krabi Krabong class or Strength and Conditioning with our certified
nutritionist and coach Peter “The Thai Hulk”.

TMT kicks off 2010 with an influx of notable MMA personalities including Elvis Sinosic and Dave Menne.