Trainers vs TMT Guests Football game ends in 5-5 tie on Feb 14, 2009

Added: Monday, February 16th, 2009

After 60 minutes in the blazing Phuket heat on the football pitch, the Tiger Muay Thai trainers and guests we happy enough to call it a draw at 5-5 and clean-up before the nights main draw, BBQ Beatdown VII (Valentine’s Day Edition) as TMT put on its monthly Full Moon all you you can eat and drink BBQ party with 3 muay Thai and 3 MMA fights as entertainment for the guests.

On a hot and sunny spring day in Phuket a 5-5 tie between the Tiger Muay Thai and MMA camp guests and trainers was good enough as guests got readyfor the nights BBQ Beatdown VII (Valentine's Day Edition)