Wiktor wins WPMO Title; Ritt's winning streak halted at 8 with loss on points

Added: Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Wliktor, cut and bleeding and fighting on like a warrior captured the Bangla WMPO Title Friday Night December 26, 2008 with a 5-round points win over Muay Thai fighter Racharit. Wiktor caught an elbow that split his lip in the 2nd round, but that just pushed him onward and in the 4th and 5th rounds Wiktor showed his Team MMA Thailand conditioning turning on the power and speed in the last a2 and most important rounds to win the title.

Ritt’s eight fight win / KO streak came to an end as he lost a 5-round decision on points to Southern Champion Nungpichit. Ritt is 22-3 over last 25 fights including 18 KO’s. Ritt looked good, but the Southern Champion was just a little faster and Ritt couldn;t find his left hook for his KO shot. Great fight.

Wiktor was a true warrior as he went 5-rounds to win the Bangla WPMO Championship with a unanimous 5-round decision over his Thai opponent Racharit. Wiktor caught an elbow in the 2nd round that opened up his lip, but he ignored the pain and fought on fighting strong in the high point 4th and 5th rounds winning the title. Ritt, fighting a fast and tough opponent in Southern Champion Nungpichit lost for the first time in eight fights on a points decision over 5-rounds.